J. Chaplin

"I would like to thank you and your lovely team at Monkey Bars for a wonderful experience this last term.

My daughter has been delighted with all Monkey Bars has to offer. We had been trying to find the right fit for her for the whole year with an activity and I can truly say this is perfect for her (and me). Monday mornings is our fun time together. Thank you for that.

Our teacher is Nicky and both my daughter and I love her. What an enthusiastic and caring lady she is. Nicky makes our class so enjoyable."


C. Omacini

I am writing you this letter to provide you with feedback about how positive our experience has been in your Big Monkeys class. I have been enrolling my daughter in Monkey Bars since she was 12 months old. This term, we are in the Friday session of Big Monkeys with the teachers Cass and Jane.

Cass and Jane are fantastic teachers. I am so pleased with their efforts with the children. Specifically, I have noted their ability to recognise the individual needs of each child and attend to those needs. Their ability to harness the children’s enthusiasm for particular tasks is also noteworthy.

I thought it important to communicate my satisfaction with the program and its wonderful teachers to you directly.


C. King

We would like to give a big thank you to Monkey Bars. During term 4 last year I had mentioned to our teacher that our little girl was having some difficulties with talking and that the few words she could say were very muffled. We expected her to have some speech problems due to her spina bifida and arnold chiari malformation.

The following week our teacher showed everyone in our group some tongue exercises that they could do with their little ones to help with speech development. The exercises are very simple and actually fun to do and we practice them with our daughter every day. The wonderful news is that not only is our daugher saying more words but they are sounding clearer, she has even started to put two words together. And, since we have been doing the exercises family and friends have all commented on the improvements in her speech.

Our daughter regularly attends the PMH Spinal Rehab clinic. At her last clinic (which was before our teacher showed us the tongue exercises) the paediatrician commented that she was not talking and that he would be referring her to see the PMH Spinal Rehab Speech Therapist. We will be having this appointment soon and I am sure that they will be surprised with the change in her.

We know that all of the staff at Monkey Bars are very committed to the work that they do and that they want to give the children who attend the best start to life. When we first started at Monkey Bars (12 months ago) our teacher did some research on spina bifida so that she had a better understanding on what our daughter could do and how to help her get the most out of the program. Thank you for having such a wonderful team of people.